Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
SoC Design

SoC and SoPC Design

Comit delivers complex SoC designs in technologies down to 65 nanometer, and System on Programmable Chip in platform FPGAs, with popular embedded processors such as ARM®, MIPS®, IBM® PowerPC™, VLIW processors like TriMedia™ and ARC™ ARCtangent™ configurable RISC/DSP 32 bit processor.

Typical designs include 3rd party IP integration and software development. Engagements may be complete specs to GDSII, or include one or more phases of the design process. To see a sample of chips designed by Comit, click here.

Comit is a member of the ARM Connected Community. Comit's experience with ARM processors and peripherals can help significantly accelerate ARM based SoC design cycles.

Comit is an IBM CoreConnect™ licensee with access to PowerPC OPB (On-chip peripheral bus) and PLB (Processor Local Bus).

Embedded Processor targets:

Macrocell Integration: Software Development:
ARC™ ARCtangent™-A5.1
ARM® 720, ARM 940, ARM 946
MIPS® PR3930, PR3940
PowerPC MPI860, PPC405
TriMedia® TM32 A
AMD SC400, SC520
MIPS R-series
Trimedia TM32
Intel 8085, 8751, 80x86, i960 and variants
Motorola 6502, 6805 and variants
Toshiba proprietary processors

Comit's sophisticated SoC Verification Environment adds to the reliability of Comit SoC designs, minimizing customer risk.

Comit has expertise in mixed language environment (Verilog/VHDL) simulation using tools like Modelsim, and hardware-software cosimulation.

Comit SoC & SoPC design services leverage both Comit's hardware expertise and extensive software experience.

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