Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
Physical Design

Comit offers complete front to backend services from specs to GDSII.

Complete back-end physical design services offer a full heiarchical flow including Place & Route, Clock Tree Synthesis, Crosstalk / Signal Integrity, DRC and LVS.

Comit has taped out multi million gate ASICs with multiple clock domains. Recent designs are targeted to cutting edge 130nm processes in Low Voltage Fluro-Silicate-Glass and LV OD.

Comit's knowledge of front-end RTL design as well as back-end physical layout ensures tight coupling in concurrent RTL physical design strategies. Comit's experience in multi-million gate hierarchical design with industry standard design tools ensures early management of pitfalls such as channel routing and horizon effects.

ASIC Layout Services

Starting with a gate level netlist handoff, generate and insert:
  • TAP Controllers
  • Boundary scan
  • IOLIOH vectors
  • DC parametrics
  • Connectivity tests for multiple dies in a package
Generate ASIC top level including
  • I/O Muxes
  • Pad ring
Generate Scripts for
  • die layout tools
  • packaging and test tools
  • Floorplanning
  • Power & Ground Strap generation and placement
  • Automatic & Manual I/O Placement
  • Clock tree synthesis
  • Place & Route
  • Parasitic extraction
  • Timing closure
  • DRC
  • LVS
  • Crosstalk
Comit's experience with a variety of silicon vendors virtually guarantees your designs will work first time. Comit has targeted designs to Agere, Lucent, NEC, OKI, TSMC and UMC. Familiarity with silicon vendor process design kits and third-party libraries, and knowledge of foundry sign off parameters including foundry-preferred layer mapping tables and verification grids, metal coverage rule and antenna rule checks, and knowledge of specific process parameters relating to RC extraction etc. minimizes your risk, and has contributed to Comit's unbroken record of first silicon success.

Knowledge of Reticle Enhancement Techniques (RET) such as optical and process correction, phase-shift mask, scattering bars and off-axis illumination ensures that Comit can work with your silicon vendor on physical verification of sub-wavelength designs.

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