Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
MIL Standard Systems

Services for Aerospace & Defense

Comit has the reputation, track record and advanced engineering processes required to execute projects to stringent military standards and specifications. Comit not only delivers to specs chips, boards, software and systems targeted to aerospace and defense, but is able to provide consultative guidance for migration to cutting edge technologies and processes while preserving backward and lateral compatibility.

Specifically, Comit offers services to defense contractors, addressing the following, and related areas:

Obsolescence management

Identification of parts reaching end of life and creation of substitutes either as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) or in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)

Systems Integration

Seamless interconnection of legacy disparate systems through hardware glue-logic and software control, leveraging advances in small code-footprint Operating Systems, platform FPGAs and structured ASICs.

Footprint reduction

Order of magnitude reduction in field/avionics equipment size and weight leveraging advances in platform FPGAs and structured ASICs.

Component count reduction

Achieving increased equipment reliability through integration of discrete electronic components

Hardware based Encryption /Decryption

Securing wired and wireless communication and control equipment, leveraging high bit-count cryptography intellectual property

COTS Emphasis

Comit invests significant training resources internally in keeping its engineers up to date on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) methodologies. Comit understands the separate challenges of designing and implementing COTS-based systems, and upgrading a legacy system with COTS components.

Comit's hardware and software design places special emphasis on Department of Defense (DoD) security needs in COTS based systems:

Other areas of emphasis include COTS Usage Risk Evaluation (CURE) and Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS based systems (EPIC).

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