Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.

Jump-start your design

At Comit, we believe that the goal of any good design flow must be first-time working silicon.

Therefore, our engineers invest significant effort in refining methodology, processes, flows and IP to achieve first-pass success.

Comit engineers will consult with your teams to determine the most optimal strategy for rapid realization of your designs, with significant productivity gains, while simultaneously reducing the chances of errors.

To jump-start your design cycle, and build in a high-confidence integrated verification environment from the ground up Comit leverages three fundamental strategies:
  • Tested and proven product IP: Offering selection, customization, and integration services of product IP from Comit, and third parties
  • Process Standardization: Ensuring development, deployment, archival and reuse of processes that yield predictable accurate results
  • Process Acceleration: Automating as much of the implementation process itself, as possible.
With Comit Fiesta® Process Standardization and Acceleration Toolkit, building a flow is no longer a time consuming exercise of trial and errors, and guesswork. Verification is not an after-thought.

Fiesta® is an industrial-strength suite of integrated tools designed, developed, tested and used by engineers of Comit's Contract Engineering Center. Their experience in developing processes and methodology yield predictable, accurate results, and forms the foundation of the toolkit.

With Comit's methodology services, you achieve your goal, quickly. Wishlist to NetlistTM becomes a reality, shaving of months off your design and verification cycles.

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