Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
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Board Design

High speed boards require an experienced design vendor aware of signal integrity issues at gigahertz speeds.

Comit provides schematic capture, design and signal integrity analysis of multi-layered high speed analog digital mixed signal boards with 4 mil trace widths and sub 5 mil separations.

Design examples include hot-swappable 18-layer 4-mil PCB with 622-MHz clocks, LVDS, LVPECL, fiber-optic transponders, -48V supplies, DC/DC, PowerPC CPU, Xilinx, Altera & Triscend FPGAs, SONET Framers, TL1 command language support, OC-3/OC-12 Network Processor-based PCI-bus ATM/POS Network Interface Cards, 480 MHz Ultra-Sparc Hot-Swap Compact-PCI PCB, etc.

Managed auxiliary services include layout, component procurement, fab, assembly and testing. Comit engineers can work with you to determine high speed signal management strategies and material selection issues for high-speed multilayer stackups.

Combined with Comit's chip design and embedded software development capabilities, you have the ability to finally implement a one-stop contracting strategy that minimizes third party interactions and enables faster turnarounds for your products.

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