Established 1992 in Silicon Valley. Comit provides complete chip, board and software engineering services to customers worldwide.
- Fiesta® CACT
- Fiesta® CWGT
- Fiesta® CRST
- Fiesta® CSMT
- Fiesta® CVXT
- Fiesta® CMMT
- Fiesta® CSGT
- Fiesta® CMBT
Integrated FiestaŽ Process Standardization and Acceleration Tooolkit

The integrated FiestaŽ Process Standardization and Acceleration Tooolkit connects the individual FiestaŽ tools to form a complete Process Acceleration Flow.

Outputs of one tool feed into the inputs of other tools in the chain maintaining standardization, while reducing duplication and overhead.

  FiestaŽ CACT Architecture capture Tool

  FiestaŽ CWGT Waveform & Constraints Generation Tool

  FiestaŽ CRST Register Specification Tool

  FiestaŽ CSMT Finite State Machine Editor

  FiestaŽ CVXT Open Verification Environment

  FiestaŽ CMMT Simulation Memory Modeler

  FiestaŽ CSGT Synthesis Script Generation Tool

  FiestaŽ CMBT Memory BIST Controller

  FiestaŽ CAVT AHDL to VHDL Conversion tool

The toolkit is targeted to experienced design teams building multi-million gate ASICs, and have been proven to compress design cycles in complex SoC designs. FiestaŽ helps you get your design off the ground without stressing out your EDA tool budgets.

Comit FiestaŽ Process Standardization and Acceleration Toolkit is an industrial-strength suite of tools designed, developed, tested and used by engineers of Comit's Contract Engineering Center. Their experience in developing processes and methodology that yield predictable and accurate results forms the foundation of the toolkit. Use it with confidence.

Additional integration and support services, if desired, are available from Comit.

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