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Fiesta® CMBT memory BIST Controller Tool

 Key Features

Fiesta® CMBT Memory BIST controller provides a complete solution for the full speed testing of embedded Random Access Memories developed and manufactured in advanced deep sub-micron silicon process technology. Fiesta® CMBT, with its full speed memory testing, reduces the risk of delay in product introduction, and speeds up time to market.

Full-speed testing, where both the clock speed and access speeds are real life values, is a precise method of testing on-chip memories, compared to at-speed testing where only the clock is real life, but access speeds are slower. Full-speed testing exercises memory for writes and reads with no back-to-back clock cycle delay, as contrasted with at-speed. At speed memory BIST may pass memory with no faults detected, but may fail on chip, when exercised by the real life logic at full speed.

Fiesta® CMBT tests memory at actual speed of access, ensuring accurate parts screening, minimizing shipment of bad parts and potential cost of wasted masks and material.

  • Full-speed testing catches more faults than other available controllers that test at-speed, reducing shipment of bad parts
  • Dual-mode operation aids wafer-sort as well as debug and engineering
  • Automatic fuse map generation for laser repair stations saves time and money
  • Exhaustive test bench simulates memory faults and verifies controller algorithms
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface promotes easy adoption and integration into design cycle
  • Automatic input validations reduce errors
Key Features
  • Full speed memory BIST
  • Handles memory write & read pipeline
  • Early write, Late write, Early read, Late-Late Read
  • Detects following types of faults:
    • Stuck at faults, Stuck open faults
    • Coupling faults, Transition faults
    • Leakage Faults, Retention faults
  • Two Modes of operation
  • Wafer Sort
    • Pass/Fail, Serial shift of Fuse map for laser repair
  • Debug and Engineering for characterization
    • Serial output for faulty memory location's Address, Data and Fail state
  • Automatic Fuse Map Information generation for Laser repair stations
  • Individual Memory sector failure detection and indication
  • Avoids multiple indication of same faulty location
  • Instantiates memory collar
  • Indicates whether memory is repairable or not
  • Exhaustive test bench for
    • Fault insertion
    • Detection
    • Automatic data capture
    • Data comparison
  • Verilog® / VHDL RTL and Test Bench generation
  • Compatible with industry standard tools


  • Via GUI
  • RTL
  • Test bench
  • Documentation
  • Synthesis script


OS Version
Solaris (sparc) 2.7 / 2.8 (7/8)
Linux Redhat 7.1 / 7.2

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