Comit releases Fiesta CVXT v 5.1 and Fiesta CMMT v 5.1: CVXT now includes branches which are lightweight threads with shared global space. CMMT allows 64-bit wide memories from Tcl and has better logging support.


Comit wins a design on the latest Altera StratixIV FPGA 230 device, including multiple high speed serial interfaces, intensive Datapath DSP, and multiple DDR3 interfaces.


Comit's paper on Fiesta CVXT is accepted for presentation in Tcl2009 .


Comit announces its partnership with GreenPeak Technologies to provide customized low-cost, ultra low power Wireless Mesh Networks. This strategic collaboration is to benefit Utilities and Industries needing energy efficient IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Networks with out-of-the box configuration capabilities. See full Press Release.

2009-05-18 2009-05-21

Comit exhibits in InterOP Show in Las Vegas and displays its high speed boards, FPGA and SoC Designs.


Comit releases a total solution for 2nd generation Single-board Computer for Gaming Machines that includes the hardware platform with an FPGA based peripheral controller, software in 2 OS flavors and working prototype boards.
  • 7.5"x 11" 6 layer FR4 Motherboard incorporating VIA C7, CN700, VT8237R chipset. PCI, DDR2 memory, FLASH, ccTalk, USB 2.0, DVI, RS-232C & Audio ports
  • FPGA peripheral controller APA150 (150K gates) PCI to Peripherals interfaces for Bill Acceptor, Coin Hopper, Coin Validator, Bill Validator, Electromagnetic Counter, Lamps, Switches.
  • SOFTWARE design includes BIOS porting, Linux porting, Windows XP Embedded porting, Interrupt based PCI device drivers on both platforms for peripherals (Bill Acceptor, Coin Hopper, Coin Validator, Bill Validator, Electromagnetic Counter, Lamps, Switches).

2009-04-02 2009-03-30

Comit exhibits in Embedded Show in San Jose and displays its most recent tape-out Denali Chip v_1 , a 0.13 micron HP RVT/HVT 12M gates chip to Chartered Semiconductor.


Prashant Joshi is named Vice President Engineering of Comit Systems.


Comit demonstrates driver for multifunction PCI peripheral controller on Windows XP Embedded.


Comit releases its Fiesta CVXT v 5.0 and Fiesta CMMT v 5.0 both supporting Coroutines, bignum, Standardized OO. Support for Cadence IUS8.2 added.


Venkat Iyer is named President and CEO of Comit Systems and also inducted into Comit's board. Founder CEO R. Vijayaraghavan is named Chairman.
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