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Founded in 1992, Comit Systems, Inc. is a privately held California Corporation.

Comit's reputation as a respected contract engineering company in Silicon Valley with customers worldwide is entirely due to its engineering management team. The team is capable of handling complex multi-location design and development projects consisting of 500 or more engineers, with Comit's own tested and proven Fiesta (R) process tools, that help scaling up even further, easier.

Corporate Office
Comit Systems, Inc.
3375 Scott Blvd.Ste 139
Santa Clara, CA 95054 U.S.A.


Venkat Iyer, President, CEO

Venkat joined Comit so soon after its inception, that he can be called virtually a co-founder. Starting as a software engineer in 1992, he took over as CEO of Comit in February 2009.

He was VP Engineering from 2003 onwards. Earlier he had held several technical management positions including Sr. Director/Director Engineering (1998-2002), Country Manager, Japan (1996-1998) and Manager SW Engineering.

Venkat can be called a co-founder not only in terms of his long tenure in Comit, but also in the sense that he has been responsible for building Comit's engineering expertise over the years. With an immense breadth and depth of knowledge in system design, hardware design, software development, process standardization, acceleration and automation, Venkat is the ultimate engineer's engineer and a hands-on manager.

His expertise ranges from leading a multi-million gate SoC design team, to software development in assembly for tiny microcontrollers, to state-of-the art object-oriented languages including Java, embedded systems, language systems and EDA tools. Venkat is the architect of Comit's FIESTA® Process Standardization and Acceleration Toolkit.

Venkat holds a degree of Master of Technology in Computer Science from Pune University in India. His work interests are Logic Design, Tcl, Languages and Automation. He has contributed to many open source projects and enjoys basketball, snowboarding, playing the guitar, and hiking.

Prashant Joshi, Vice President Engineering

Elevated to VP Engineering from March 2009, Prashant joined Comit in April 2000 as Senior Hardware Engineer. He quickly rose to become Project Manager, and later Director of Engineering.

In his 9+ years in Comit , Prashant has worked on and delivered many working chips for our customers. His expertise covers many areas including ASIC Design, Verification, Test development, high speed board design, and analog design, and many technologies such as Networking, Communication, Digital video, Cryptography and Medical electronics, both as a hands-on engineer and in engineering management positions.

Prashant holds an M.Tech. in Electronics Design and Technology (1998) from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Board of Directors

Venkat Iyer, President and CEO
R. Vijayaraghavan, Founder Chairman

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